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Raise Boring Machine Description:

SD Drill Raise Boring machine is a design of highly efficient drilling equipment to change the backward technology in the construction of lifting tanks and artificial construction which is widely used in the construction of the dark well of coal , the user can select the drilling machine due to the drill diameter and depth .Drilling machine can not only drill A coal bunker coal mine ventilation shafts, all kinds of dark, well, pay well, but also is widely used in metallurgy, chemical and other mines in the rock drilling, expanding role.

SD Drill Raise Bore drilling machine with hydraulic drive, new models, compact structure, high degree of mechanization, convenient transportation, easy to operate to meet the requirements of the environment in the explosion-proof operation, drill adaptable to meet different geological conditions of mining construction requirements can greatly improve the speed of well construction, and construction safety, hole quality, construction and low cost.

Raise Boring Machine Structure:

The raise bore drilling machine including of two part: Main machine and drilling tools.

The main machine part including of rack, hydraulic power pack and operation control system. The rack is the structure of frame, inside assemble power water swivel, it under hydrocylinder action, along the rack inside slideray to move up and down, hydraulic power pack and operation control system are used to drive the drilling machine to working, control the drilling machine operating condition, to realize different working condition in different drilling requirements.

The drilling tools including of pilot hole drill rods, stable drill rods, drill rods, pilot hole drill bits and broaching reamer cutter.

The raise bore drilling machine was designed to explosion-proof type, so it suit for different combustible gas environment.

The raise bore drilling machine suit for F3 – F12 varies series hardness rock, and for ultra-hard rock F12 (Compressive strength 1200kg/cm3) can design special reamer to meet rock drill.

The raise bore drilling machine have perfect safety protection device and fault alarm system.

The turntable crane as the hoist drill rod equipment, it can swing 360°. It mainly used for swing between drill rods to manipulator, and also can swing others, but limited less than 300kgs.

The manipulator is composed by gathering-arm mechanism, turning frame, hydraulic cylinder. The gathering-arm mechanism was fixed on the turning frame. The gathering-arm enclasp or loosen the drill rods, turn frame connect with the rig flatcar, in another hydraulic cylinder action to rotate the turning frame, achieve to transport the drill rods. The manipulator is worked for assemble and disassemble the drill rods.

Raise Boring Machine Operating Principle:

The raise bore drilling machine’s main drive through the power water swivel pass to drilling tools, lead the pilot hole bits or reamer cutter to rotation. Under the drilling pressure, the pilot tricone bits or reamer cutter to impact, extruding and cut the rock, make the rock broken. The broken rock debris will be eliminated from the drilling hole by positive cycle water or mud on pilot hole drilling. The reamer drilling’s rock debris will be fall on level tunnel directly, and use the loader to load on transport machine or transport vehicles to removed from the drop rock debris place.

The pilot hole drilling is the top-down drilling, and the broaching drilling is down-up drilling.

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