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254mm Drill rods

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Raise Boring Machine Accessories:

The raise bore drilling machine including of two part: Main machine and drilling tools.

The main machine part including of rack, hydraulic power pack and operation control system. The rack is the structure of frame, inside assemble power water swivel, it under hydrocylinder action, along the rack inside slideray to move up and down, hydraulic power pack and operation control system are used to drive the drilling machine to working, control the drilling machine operating condition, to realize different working condition in different drilling requirements.

The drilling tools including of pilot hole drill rods, stable drill rods, drill rods, pilot hole drill bits and broaching reamer cutter.

Raise Bore Drilling Use Drilling Rods and Broaching Bits:

The raise bore drilling machine's drilling rods main including of drill rods and stable rods.

The drilling rods and broaching bits are serviced for the raise boring machine of the engineering construction project of mining, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, bridge construction, building foundation engineering, vertical shafts, ventilation shafts, cable well, conductivity well, metallurgical mines etc.

Our drilling rods and broaching bits are reasonable for overall structure and material selection, they have the better rock broken effect, better abrasion resistance, high strength, longer service life, good processing technic. They are very convenient to install, dismount and repair, very popular among customers at home and abroad.

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